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Coronavirus: About our response

During this challenging period, the wellbeing of our customers and our team is our priority. Nutricia, and our logistics and delivery partners, are focused on providing our customers with essential products and services.

We would like to ensure that the Nutricia products you require are delivered to you as quickly as possible, under safe conditions. Therefore, we have introduced precautionary measures to ensure we’re operating in a safe environment, minimising the spread of Coronavirus, and measures to optimise the speed of delivery of your orders.

We would like to share answers to some of the core questions we are being asked at this time. We will update this communication on an as needed basis to keep you well informed.


Our products are warehoused at a location operated by our logistics partner, DHL Warehouse. DHL Warehouse has undertaken a full deep clean of all areas and surfaces, and undertake a complete clean of all areas every day. Staff are operating on 2 shifts to better meet demand and there is an hour allocated between the shift change for cleaning.

Delivery handling

DHL / Courier Post
Delivery staff have been advised to follow strict protocols, specifically around articles handling and delivery, to minimise the risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus.
Australia Post
Actions have been taken to protect the health and safety of the workforce and customers in relation to the spread of Coronavirus in line with Australian government regulations.
Processes will now, where possible, require drivers to leave your order in a safe location for you to collect. If no safe location is available, the delivery driver will knock and notify you of the deliver, placing it near the door for you to collect. If there is no safe location and no-one in attendance, standard card and post office procedures apply.

Delivery Lead Time

Whilst our delivery partners are working to increase their resources, please be aware that there may be a slight delay in delivery lead times due to increased demand. If you have any queries regarding the availability of our products or feeding needs, please contact the Nutricia Careline on 1800 438 500. For more details on the delivery time frame on metro and regional area, please visit


  1. Choose the product you are after
  2. Choose the quantity you’d like to receive
  3. Choose whether or not you would like our reminder service
  4. Click ‘Proceed to checkout’
  5. Either register as user (to ensure easier repeat purchases) or continue as a guest.
    Please note: Only a valid email address with be accepted.
  6. Fill out the shipping form as accurately as you can.
    Please note: Any errors made filling out the form could lead to issues with your delivery.
    First Name:
    Enter your first name
    Last Name:
    Enter your last name
    Enter your unit or apartment number here (Only enter this if you live in a unit or apartment block.  DO NOT enter your house number here. PO Boxes and lockers are NOT accepted.)
    Street Number and Address:
    Start to type your house number and street name. A drop down validation list will appear. Continue to type until our address appears and ensure you select that address.
    This should appear automatically if your street address was validated correctly; otherwise enter your suburb.
    This should appear automatically if your street address was validated correctly; otherwise select your state from the drop down menu.
    Post Code:
    This should appear automatically if your street address was validated correctly; otherwise enter your post code.
    Enter a valid email address; this will be used for communication relating to your order confirmation.
    Enter a valid mobile number; this will be used for all tracking details for your delivery.
    Delivery instructions:
    (NOT mandatory) From the drop-down options, choose the delivery instruction valid to your order
    1. Please leave at the front door. This confirms that you give Nutricia permission to leave your order at your chosen address, even if someone is not at home when the delivery is made. No claim can be made against stock where authorisation has been given to leave at the delivery location.
    2. Please leave at the reception. This confirms that you give Nutricia permission to leave your order at your chosen address, even if someone is not at home when the delivery is made. No claim can be made against stock where authorisation has been given to leave at the delivery location.
    3. Please ring the doorbell  – the driver will ring the doorbell upon leaving the goods at the delivery location. Note: drivers are not obliged to wait until the door is answered. They will leave the goods if no one answers, No claim can be made against stock where authorisation has been given to leave at the delivery location.
  7. Click ‘Continue’ and move onto payment methods
You can order as little as 1 can to a maximum of 3 cans every 14 days. However, we do reserve the right to adjust these limits at our discretion depending on product availability.
You can place more than one order within 14 days as long as the total quantity ordered during this time does not exceed 3 tins.
We understand how important it is to ensure product is available to our local babies and toddlers. By limiting the amount of stock people can purchase on one order, we can ensure stock is always available to our customers. The tin limits are based on what would be a reasonable amount of supply to cover the babies needs for a minimum of a fortnight period.
Our Careline can assist you with this inquiry. Whilst this website cannot be used for ordering more than the set tin limit, we can still assist with your inquiry. To discuss what options we can offer, contact Careline on 1800 060 057.
If the item on the website is able to be selected and added to your cart, you can be sure that we can supply you the product. In the unlikely event that a product is out of stock, it will be marked accordingly on the MumStore site, and you will be unable to select it for purchase.
Unfortunately, no. For the security of your credit card information, we only take orders via the MumStore website.
If you'd like to speak to someone about your order, you can email us at or call us on 1800 691 473 during normal office hours (9am-5pm) AEST.
If you require general nutritional advice or need advice on which product would best suit your child, please contact our Careline on 1800 060 057. Our Careline representatives are trained healthcare professionals and can give you expert advice on the products available through the MumStore.


We currently accept payment via Visa or Mastercard.
Unfortunately, no. We currently only accept orders via Visa or Mastercard.
Unfortunately, no. At this time, we only accept payment via Visa or Mastercard.
The MumStore checkout process is secured by a 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate that encrypts your financial and personal information, just as if you were swiping your card at a local store. You can be sure that the website is secure by noting the address (the site’s address will start with https:// instead of http://) and the padlock in your browser’s address bar.
When you check out and your payment is received, you will see a confirmation page with an order number. An order confirmation email will also be sent to the email address you provided. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email and a text message to the phone number on your account providing the tracking details of your order.

Refunds / Exchange

We offer refunds or replacements of products if you have received:

  1. the wrong products to that which you ordered; or
  2. the incorrect quantity of products; or
  3. products damaged in transit; or
  4. defective or faulty products; or
  5. otherwise in accordance with the law.

 Please refer to Clause 12 of the Terms and Conditions of sales for full terms on claims and return requests.


We deliver everywhere in Australia but if you live in a remote area it may take a little longer.
Unfortunately, if your order is already in progress, we cannot change the delivery location.
Unfortunately, if your order is already in progress, we cannot change the delivery location.
If you purchase 3 tins in one transaction, you will not be charged a freight fee. If you purchase 1 or 2 tins in one transaction a nominal freight charge will apply per the details outlined in your order.
No. Products purchased on this website will only be delivered to local customers in Australia.
Orders ship from our warehouse in Sydney via standard delivery. This can take up to 5 working days for Eastern states of Australia, areas outside of this typically arrive within 8 working days. You will receive and email with a tracking number and link once your order has been processed.


Estimated Metro Delivery Timeframes

Sydney / Canberra

up to 4 days

Melbourne / Brisbane

up to 5 days


up to 6 days

Perth / Tasmania

up to 7 days


up to 8 days

Note: Please add up to an additional 3 days for regional
Unfortunately, no. We are not able to offer that delivery option.
The best way to ensure successful delivery is to provide the address that you frequent during the day. If you’re not home during the day, you can provide a work address for delivery. You can also authorise to leave the items unattended. Please note if you opt to leave the order unattended, Nutricia will not be responsible for any lost or stolen packages.


MumStore is operated by Nutricia Australia Pty Limited. The MumStore is an online ordering site where you can purchase Aptamil and Karicare products in one location 24x7, making it easier for parents and carers to purchase our products and have it delivered to your door.
As a manufacturer of infant formula we adhere to strict industry codes of practice. In Australia we are a signatory to the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formulas: Manufacturers and Importers Agreement (The MAIF Agreement). Within the Agreement it states that when we provide informational materials, dealing with the feeding of infants, we must include clear information on the benefits and superiority of breast feeding. The Agreement is published on The Department of Health website:
The MAIF Agreement is based on the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. As a signatory to the MAIF Agreement we must comply with the requirements set out in the code. We hope this explains our approach and the inclusion of the breast feeding message. Nutricia fully supports breast feeding as the best form of nutrition for babies, however we do understand that, for whatever reason, breast feeding may not always be an option or choice for mums. We appreciate you may have a number of questions on breast feeding and using an infant formula. In terms of making decisions regarding feeding your own child we recommend that you consult your healthcare professional.


Occasionally the website may not be able to process your order and an error message may appear. If this occurs, please note the error message and contact the MumStore team via the following methods:

Phone: 1800 691 473 within normal office hours (AEST)

This means that a purchase has been made using your details in the past 14 days and the maximum purchase limit has been reached. You will need to wait until after the 14th day to place a new order.

As at 28 March 2018