Website Changes


Verification Process

At Mumstore, the security of our products and services is paramount to us. To further ensure your details are secure, we’ll be asking all existing and new registered users to go through an SMS verification process.


What does this mean?

To have an active account on MumStore, you will need to complete an additional step:

  1. Sign-into your account. When you do, you’ll receive a request to verify your account. Simply enter your phone number and click the ‘Send my code’ button.

    Please note: Your phone number must be unique to your MumStore account. If the phone number is already linked to a pre-existing MumStore account, you will not be able to complete the verification.

    A unique 6-digit security code will then be sent to your nominated phone number via SMS.

  2. After clicking the ‘Send my code’ button a field will appear where you can enter your SMS security code. Simply enter the 6-digit code and click the ‘Validate’ button.


What then?

Once you have completed your SMS verification, you’ll be able to access our new tiered delivery options, including the ability to save on delivery. Going forward only registered accounts will be able to order up to three items per transaction within a 14-day period.


Guest Checkout

If you’d like to use our guest checkout to trial the MumStore service, you can buy 1 item with a delivery fee of $10.  We limit guest purchases to 1 item per order and 3 items within a 14-day period. Should you wish to continue buying from the MumStore site, we suggest becoming a registered member. It’s free and you get exclusive access to our tiered delivery model (see below).


New Tiered Delivery Model

 MumStore, by Nutricia, has always been committed to ensuring you have access to the Nutricia products you need.

 To maintain our commitment, we are introducing new tiered delivery options:

  • If you buy 1 item – Delivery will be $10
  • If you buy 2 items – Delivery will be $5
  • If you buy 3 items – Delivery will be included in the price

This means you now only have to buy 3 items to save on delivery.


Further, we are also updating our purchasing policy. Instead of limiting purchases to 6 items per user per fortnight, the limit will be reduced to 3 items per user within a 14-day period. This is in line with dietary recommendations per child. For more on our purchasing policy, check out this page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The MumStore Team